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LMW ONE Slurry Pump

The LMW-ONE is a horizontal slurrypump for heavy duty applications.


Capacity up to 5.400 m3/h

Total head up to 118 m.w.c.

Pressure up to 16 bar max

Working temperature from - 30° up to 95° C



Different ranges of impeller available:

Open impeller and non-clog impeller with 2, 3, 4 or 5 vanes


High efficiency

Heavy bearing

Modular design

Wide range of sealing systems

Oil or Grease lubricated

Different materials available


Modular System:

One frame for two different, oversized bearing cartridges, which are designed with a large diameter shaft and short impeller overhang for minimized deflection and a long bearing life. This will be the base for two different pumps of LM type ONE. A) a wear resist pump out of hard metal – and b) a pump with rubber coated parts. 


Sealing Devices:

Three different sealing devices are available, depending on the application.

DS – Dynamic shaft seal seals with a second impeller. Therefore the pump is without a seal during operation. During idleness a soft packing seals against leakage. Influent pressure may not be higher than 2.5 bar and a motor speed of 1000 rpm has to be assured.

P1 – Conventional soft packing seals with a hardened sleeve. Optional is an additional lubricating unit with 3 / 6/ 12 month interval available against extra charge.

M6 – Special mechanical seal for slurry pumps which is nearly maintenance-free

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