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 As the exclusive U.K distributor for L&M, Salvtech can provide a large range of new pumps to the market. These pumps have a strong reputation throughout Europe for their reliability, durability and competitive prices. Salvtech is a company that prides itself on the quality of the products it can supply, as well as the high standard of service it offers. Salvtech is run and managed by an experienced and competent team, who have a combined experience of over 80 years with the paper and waste industries, as well as process management, development and engineering. Our friendly team are on hand to provide practical and logical solutions to your pumping needs.


The Extrair Pump:

The Extrair pump is a vertical centrifugal pump that is most commonly used for conveying solid carrying medium out of vacuumed basins. This single stage centrifugal pump is self-priming and self-adjusting (according to the incoming amount water), as well being designed for continuous operation. Because the Extrair pump is self-adjusting according to the incoming amount of water, the pump must be plugged to a fresh water supply, as this provides extra lubrication to the lower bearing and prevents the ingress of solids into the bearing. In the event of there not being enough fluids in the pump, the water supply also provides a cooling function. Since the pump normally operates under a vacuum, a non-return valve must be mounted on the pressure side/outlet in order to prevent the backflow of the medium and the ingress of atmospheric air.

This pump is ideally suited for the pulp and paper industry; however, many other industrial processes are suitable for this pump.


Main features and benefits of the Extrair Pump:

  • Open Impeller
  • High Efficency 
  • Heavy Bearing, Modular Design
  • Heavy, Adjustable Wear Plate
  • Different Material Available

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Extrair Centrifugal Pump

Extrair Centrifugal Pump

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