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Equivalent, directly interchangeable parts for Sulzer* APP pumps are supplied through Salvtech, acting as the exclusive distributor for L&M pumps. For over 20 years, Salvtech has been run by an experienced team that has a combined experience of over 80 years of industry experience in engineering, process development, the paper industry, waste facilities, R&D and general industry. Our team can provide logical and practical solutions for your process based on this vast quantity of experience, as well offering great quality products. Our team of expert engineers can offer a multitude of repair and maintenance services and have obtained plenty of technical knowhow when is comes to the Sulzer* APP range of pumps. 


The pattern parts and spares for the Sulzer* APP pump range is the most popular range of equivalent parts and spares by far. Salvtech, on behalf of L&M can provide a full catalogue of spares for the Sulzer APP pump range, including Sulzer* APP 1 parts, Sulzer* APP 2 parts, Sulzer* APP 3 parts, Sulzer* APP 4 parts, Sulzer* APP 5 parts, and Sulzer* APP 6 parts. These parts are manufactured in Duplex Stainless Steel as standard and offer the same warranty as guarantees as the OEM. All parts are manufactured in Europe and go through a rigorous quality control procedure before leaving L&M’s warehouse in Bremen, Germany. 


With over 90,000 parts in stock in Germany, and an ever-growing stock of critical pump spares here in the U.K – delivery can be within a matter of days, rather than week or even months, as is often the case with the OEM. We are also able to offer our customers bespoke stocking options for their critical spares, and this allows both peace of mind and fast, efficient service. Shorter lead times will ultimately save money, due to lessening the amount of down time or ad-hoc repairs during emergency breakdown situations. 


These parts not only come with shorter lead times, but also offer an economic advantage, with an average saving of around 20%. Some customers have even seen savings of up to 50% on some individual parts. 


Many of our customers in the paper industry have seen significant cost savings on parts and spares for their APP pumps, switching to us as their primary supplier. As the sole U.K distributor for L&M, we can deliver to anywhere in the U.K, and have regular deliveries to customers in various locations such as Manchester, Milton-Keynes, North Wales, Norfolk, as well as many other locations. 


Below is a select example of parts we can offer for the APP range of pumps:


Shaft – Pos. 210

Bearing Unit – Pos. 013 

Seal Cover – Pos. 471.2

Dynamic Seal Service Kit – Pos. 400.1, 400.3, 412.6, 412.7, 412.8, 412.18, & 435

Expeller/Auxiliary Impeller – Pos. 604 

Flange – Pos. 723

Base Bushing – ITEM 456

Labyrinth Ring – Pos. 423 & 423.2

Bearing Unit Service Kit – Pos. 320.1, 320.2, 923, 931, 507, & 412.5

Bearing Bracket – Pos. 330 

Lantern/Bell Housing – Pos. 344 

Impeller Service Kit – Pos. 400.1, 412.3, 412.4, & 914.1

Open Impeller – Pos. 230

Closed Impeller – Pos. 230

Special Impeller – Pos. 230

Impeller Screw – Pos. 914.1

Pump Housing (for closed impeller) – Pos. 102

Pump Housing (for open impeller) – Pos. 102

Wear Plate – Pos. 135 

Shaft Seal Service Kit – Pos. 400.1, 412.1, 412.2, 909, 920.1 

Locking Plate – Pos. 931 

Split Ring – ITEM 502 

Sealing Water Ring – Pos. 458 

Thrower – Pos. 507 

Static Seal – ITEM 435 

Gland – ITEM 452 

Shaft Sleeve – Pos. 524 

Bearing – 320.1 & 320.2


For all other parts not listed, please contact us. 


* Please see ‘Information’ section at the bottom of this page for statement concerning the use of brand names on our website.


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Impeller for APP Pump

Impeller for APP Pump

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Expeller for APP Pump

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Service Kit for APP Pump

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