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Salvtech’s supply of multistage centrifugal pumps to the U.K market includes OSNA’s CVP multistage centrifugal pump, which can be used for a multitude of different mediums including fresh water, process water, hot water, drilling emulsions, slightly alkaline and acidic liquids and even low-viscosity oil. Typically, the impellers and shaft are made of stainless steel, while the diffusers and wear plates are made of Ryton and the suction and discharge casing is made of cast iron. However, depending on the medium and customer requirements, other materials of construction are available. 


This pump is constructed as a vertical multistage centrifugal pump with stage casing and can handle temperatures up to + 80°C or + 100°C, depending on the medium. 


Performance data:

Q max. 15 m3/h

H max. 200 m

Temperature: Up to + 80°C or + 100°C

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CVP Multistage Centrifugal Pump

CVP Multistage Centrifugal Pump

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