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GH and GV

The GV and GH pumps represent a range of high-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps, that come in vertical (GV) or horizontal (GH) designs. As well as this they are also available in either selfpriming or non-selfpriming options. 


This range of pumps is ideal for use in metal processing mills, chemical and general process plants, as well a food processing facilities. They can handle a variety of liquids including chemical and physically aggressive and abrasive liquids that require special construction materials and individual sealing methods for the pump. 


These pumps are available in a multitude of different materials, with the most common being, Duplex, Super-Duplex or other stainless-steel types or alloys. However other materials are available upon request. 


Performance Data (GH):

Q max. 600 m3/h

H max. 400 m

Temp: up to + 160°C


Performance Data (GV):

Q max. 600 m3/h

H max. 250 m

Temp: up to + 120°C


Technical Data: 

Capacity: up to 500 m3/h (2200 USGPM)

Head: up to 400 m (1312 ft) 

Speed: up to 3500 rpm

Temperature: up to + 160°C

Casing Pressure: u to 40 bar


Technical Details: 

Shaft Sealing: cooled or uncooled gland packing, single or double mechanical seals, cartridge seals as well as choice of accessories and peripheral arrangements. 

Lubrication: Antifriction bearings, grease or oil lubricated. Friction bearing lubricated by pumping liquid. 

Flange: Discharge branch: from DN 32 to DN 150. Suction flange: PN 16 to PN 40. Discharge flange: PN 16 to PN 40. BS and ANSI flange is also available. 


Features and Benefits: 

- High efficiency 

- Low noise operation 

- Amply dimensioned walls and chambers 

- Wide choice of special materials of construction 

- Various individual sealing options 

- Adaptability to many different operating conditions


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