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Odour Consultancy

Site Investigations:

Our team of specialists are able to perform detailed on site sampling and odour studies and provide data and reports to the current requirements of Environmental Agency standards such as the EA H4 Guidance.

The data can be used to produce models to show the predicted impact of odour and emissions at the nearest receptors.

We can use the models to predict the impact of process changes and increased throughput.


Consultancy Services:

OdourSol is a partnership between three companies each bringing their own field of expertise to provide a complete solution for clients with odour issues.

The services range from investigating odour issues at existing facilities to predictive modelling and system design for new facilities.


Engineering design and delivery:

Once your study is complete, we can help you design your odour system. We provide a full Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) Service  including 3D design. Our aim is to take the risk out of your project or process development, keeping you in control of the costs.


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