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Vertical Pulpers

Salvtech have been the exclusive UK agent for Cellwood Machinery since 2013. Salvetch are able to offer all of their high quality products to the U.K market for both the paper industry and anaerobic digestion industry. Slavtech has been in business for over 20 years, and is headed by a management team with many decades of experience in the paper industry, totally over 80 years of combined experience in this industry. This experience covers a number of different stages of the paper making process. In addition to this, our general manager, Martin, has had a number of years working in the energy from waste sector providing engineering and project management services. This expertise allows Slavtech to provide logical and practical solutions to your process needs, as well offering many different high quality products to its customers.  


Grubbens, part of the Cellwood group, manufacture a range of specially designed pulpers to meet your process needs, whether you require a complete new system or a bespoke upgrade. Grubbens pulpers boast low energy consumption, low maintenance costs and high pulping consistency. This is on top of having the capability to disintegrate pulp gently, without the use of chemical additives or steam with wet-strength material. 


Whether it’s a new pulper, or rebuilding an existing one, Cellwood’s high quality products and Salvtech’s know-how are the perfect partners for your process needs. 


Verical Pulper (Type V) 

Grubbens V-Pulpers (vertical pulpers) are used in the following positions: Pulping of Bales, Broke handling, Trim handling, Pulping of Wet Strength material. 


Cellwood Machinery has over 50 years of experience with different Pulper installations and offers the most energy efficient and flexible pulping solutions.  The design of the Grubbens vertical Pulper and S-Rotor allows for a high operating consistency in both batch and continuous operation as well as complete movement of the pulp. Three main streams assure high fibre friction and high velocity towards the rotor centre.


The optimal pulping conditions result in high pulping quality, short pulping time as well as a very low power usage (kWh/ton). High pulping quality is a very important condition for optimum function of the following Refining stage.



Grubbens pulper units are designed for use with either a belt drive or a gear drive. A belt drive provides quieter operation and increased flexibility, while a gear drive is used when higher power demand is required. As the rotor unit has its own bearings, (when using a gear drive) the coupling is connected to the rotor shaft. This means that the gear only has to sustain torque forces. 


Process Engineering

Grubbens Vertical Pulpers can be used for both batch and continuous operation. Continuous operation requires a slightly lower operating consistency, but the shorter retention time results in a much higher capacity for the same volume. In batch operation it is recommended to use a VFD to facilitate the emptying of the pulper and to produce a more even discharge consistency. The surrounding controls and logics are designed with the customer to achieve optimal functionality.


Features and Benefits:

  • Gentle disintegration of pulp 
  • High pulping consistency
  • Disintegration of wet-strength material without the use of chemical additives or steam 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Unique technical features such as reversible strainer plates, wear strips and counter knives 
  • Customized solutions


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