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Roll Wrapping

Sicma can supply a full range of equipment able to wrap paper rolls on the basis of all the most recent techologies actually on the market.


The protection of the paper rolls can be done with axial or radial stretchfilm wrapping or with kraft paper in accordance with the newest and most common applications: full web type (different widths kraft paper rolls on dedicated unwinding stands), stripes or spiral wrapping by means of travelling trolley with unwinding stand on board; special solutions in accordance with particular customer’s needs  for example, by means of stretchfilm and external board disk, stretchfilm and external foldable board disk applied with tape, kraft paper and external foldable board disks applied with tape.


All equipment fit with the specific requirements of the paper rolls to be wrapped:  tissue paper, writing and printing paper, board paper for corrugating or for wrapping, special papers.


The line can be completed with all the ancillary devices eventually requested: PC for production management and supervision, weighing systems, labels and bar code readers, printers and labels application systems, ink jet markers, internal and external disks automatic insertion by means of robots, strapping systems.


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