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Reject Separator for Paper Industry

The Grubbens Reject Separator is a machine for handling of reject from pulpers. The machine removes large rejects such as wood, plastic, rags and metal, being extremely hard wearing and designed for ease of operations and maintenance. Screen size can be changed to suit the required quality and cleanliness.

The High Consistency Pulper and the Grubbens Reject Separator are usually part of an integrated unit, where the screen plate for the system is located in the separator.

The pump after the reject separator needs to handle pulp consistencies from 1 to 7%. After each emptying of the pulper through the reject separator the reject is washed from any fibres. Pulp consistency after the reject separator can be controlled to 4 - 5 % discharge in the chest and this also includes intermediate discharge of the separator when needed. The discharge chest should have powerful agitation to give the pulp a homogeneous consistency.


Features and Benefits:

  • The pulp is cleaned from impurities
  • Easy maintenance of rotor and screen plate
  • Heavier impurities will not be discharged against the rotor and screen plate


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