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Industrial Radial Fans

The tasks and applications of Pollrich's industrial fans are various. They help to convey and suck in air, steam, gasses, dust or light cargo. The power spectrum of industrial fans starts at a few cubic metres and reaches up to 3,800,000 cubic metres per hour. In all building and power ranges the economic factors, especially the tailor-made solutions, are important. 


With a company background in building exhaust gas purification plants and heat recovery plants, Pollrich is more than just a fan producing company.  Pollrich fans are known for their efficiency, with up to 88% with low sound pressure levels, a small motor power within a large volume flow and high pressure as well as a good range of adjustment with stable characteristics. The drive can either work directly via the motor respectively via a coupling with stock or via a belt drive with stock. Precise balancing in 2 levels as well as a final inspection with inclusive vibration measurement is a normal standard for our fan deliveries. For special purposes the fans can be constructed tailor-made, according to your wishes. They can be constructed with zinc coated-, heat-, corrosion-, acid- and non-wear special steel. It is also possible to buy special equipment, e.g. shaft seal with seal gas connection, nickel-tight compensators, rubber coating, split housing, inlet vane control etc.


Salvtech is the sole UK agent for new fans, parts and service for Pollrich fans.

Pollrich is a specialist for exhaust gas purification plants, industrial fans, tunnel exhaust fans, car park fans and general HVAC fans. Pollrich can also provide sulphur pulverizing mills and process-related plant engineering. 

The five main product areas are:

  • Centrifugal Fans
  • Axial Fans
  • Drives Monitoring
  • Induction Fans
  • Smoke extraction Fans

Using the latest design tools and modular fan designs Pollrich can match fans to their application precisely for almost any performance and application.


Features and Benefits:

  • High operational reliability and lifetime
  • Low vibration and sound levels
  • Highest efficiencies
  • Various types of drive (direct-, coupling-, belt drive)
  • Short delivery times
  • Excellent price/ performance rating
  • Standardised basic fans and project specific special fans
  • Fan-series for low-/ medium- / high pressure applications   

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Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

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Centrifugal Fans

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