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Grubbens deflakers are used for the separation of fibres in broke systems, virgin pulp systems and waste handling. Even wet strength paper qualities can be deflaked. In the Grubbens deflaker the pulp passes through eight vibration zones under continuous flow reversals. It is therefore well processed without fibre bundles, in spite of the low peripheral speed.

The design of the deflaking discs can compensate wear through axial movement of the rotor disc, with the discs being made of hardened, acid-resistant steel with Brinell hardness of about 400 HB. High corrosion resistance ensures neglible abrasive wear. Grubbens deflaker type GLD 200 and 360 have a fixed axial rotor disc. On type GLD 360 HW the rotor disc is axially adjustable. The disc gap can easily be adjusted using a hand wheel which will enhance the performance of the deflaker. The deflaker is powered by direct coupling, squirrel-cage motor. Greasing is done with oilbath according to instructions on the machine plate.

Features & Benefits

  • Can compensate for wearing on the discs
  • Can operate on many different materials
  • Low wearing on the deflaker parts, except the discs
  • Can operate up to 5-6% with pulp/paper


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