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IBS Paper Performance Group

Located in Teufenbach, Austria, The IBS Paper Performance Group is a worldwide supplier to the paper and pulp industry, leading the way in paper machine optimisation. The company, along with its associated partners, can provide a large variety of system solutions for this industry. Having nine brand names as part of its group, IBS offers a comprehensive portfolio of a unique range of products, services and system solutions. The globally leading and patented technologies offered by IBS, together with nearly fifty years of paper industry expertise, makes the company experts in almost all aspects of paper making. IBS has eighteen branch offices around the world and is represented globally by numerous agents, with Salvtech having represented IBS and its associated partners in the UK since 2014. 


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Handheld PDC

If the production process of paper, board, and pulp needs to be optimized, it´s essential to know exact paper dryness.


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